In Frankly Friday

Selling price of ____.

Will pay closing costs and fees up to ____.

Agrees to complete transaction by ____ date.

Negotiates additional terms of ____.

Will not complete transaction if _____.

This was the recent process for selling our most valuable asset; our home.

It took back and forth negotiations for days, hours of contemplation, and the hired help of several professionals to complete.

At the end of the process, we knew we had reached a deal we were happy with, because we put a ton of energy into the consideration.

The next day a friend reminded me, “your most valuable asset is your time.”

Then it occurred to me: What if we treasured our time as much as we do other assets?

What is the selling price of your time?

What additional fees are you agreeing to when you say ‘yes’ to something?

What unreasonable deadlines are you agreeing to?

What are your terms? 

What are your non-negotiables? What will you decide to not give your time to?

If we started treating our time like the valuable asset it is, how much bigger of a difference could we make?

You are the seller. You decide the terms.

Don’t forget that!



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