Hold on Loosely

Now We Know

Vendors vs. Practitioners

Be A Tree

A few days before Thanksgiving I set off into a new patch of woods behind our home. My mission was to clear a new trail that we could enjoy when good weather returned. In a few effortless steps, [...]

Do Turkeys Have Moms?

Our house is far behind us, along with the toys and televisions. We turn on a road. Who knows where it goes? Scenery is our only mission. At stop signs and lights, we turn left then right, [...]

What We Used To Tell Ourselves

Take a look around… 1,600 team members reinvented their entire way of serving customers in less than a week. Millions of dollars in business are being conducted from kitchen tables each [...]

When my family lost everything…

What do you do when your entire world stops on a dime? When my family’s company was put out of business by the 2008 economic crisis, the wind was knocked out of my soul. We were forced to [...]

Seller Agrees To The Following Terms

Selling price of ____. Will pay closing costs and fees up to ____. Agrees to complete transaction by ____ date. Negotiates additional terms of ____. Will not complete transaction if _____. This [...]

The Voices of Perfection And Progress

“I’m going to keep working on my plan first” “I think I need to find the right tools first” “I need to save some more money first” “I need to find more time first.” “I’m not sure if I have enough [...]

Happy Opportunity Day

“Are we perfect? No. Are there imbalances in our system? Of course. But I will never understand the lack of disregard for the sheer amount of opportunity available in this country.” My friend Tim [...]