Your Dreams and Your Schemes

When I was 12, I wanted to work at the music store more than anything. I had no idea how to get a job, and no idea what I would do there. I just loved making music and wanted to be around it. I [...]

Letter to Jude

Jude, Today is the day you will meet a group of people you will know the rest of your life: Your best friend. Your partner in crime. Your arch enemy. The several who won’t understand you. The [...]

Saying What Needs to be Said

When you were a kid, you had no trouble offering your voice to the world freely. Then one day, you became aware of other people’s opinions. Ever since then you’ve spoken more selectively because [...]

How To Spot Meaningless Work

While attempting to explain our company values, our process, and our strategy to a new client, he interrupted: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, how much is it gonna cost?” Red flag number one. We [...]

Complaining vs. Compelling

Feeding Wolves

What Are You Trading it For?


About 15 years ago I got my first chance to play in a band full of professional musicians. It changed my life! Ever since that day, I’ve intuitively been wondering why that was such an [...]

The Clothes Monster

“Okay, so our film is going to be about a clothes monster! What do you think?” Silence. I didn’t know what to say. We were 3 hours into SATO48, a film competition where you get 48 hours to create [...]

Digital Dazzle

“TV is dying off, isn’t it? And no one listens to radio anymore for sure, right? We’ve got to be better at social media. That’s where everyone is.” I’ve heard this chatter since the first [...]