Don’t Talk About My Friend That Way

“Can you believe all that weight she put on?” “Of course he messed that up…” “I can’t believe anyone would hire him for that job.” You hear someone talking smack on your best friend. You’re [...]

When We’re Together…

Two-hundred ninety-two million, five-hundred twenty-six thousand, eight hundred and thirty-eight miles away the cosmic creature gently planted her feet on the martian soil, perked up her [...]

How to Be Rich…the Right Way

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. (Prov 11v24) Put another way: Give what you have to take care of others and–don’t [...]

Hold on Loosely

Now We Know

Vendors vs. Practitioners

Be A Tree

A few days before Thanksgiving I set off into a new patch of woods behind our home. My mission was to clear a new trail that we could enjoy when good weather returned. In a few effortless steps, [...]

Do Turkeys Have Moms?

Our house is far behind us, along with the toys and televisions. We turn on a road. Who knows where it goes? Scenery is our only mission. At stop signs and lights, we turn left then right, [...]

What We Used To Tell Ourselves

Take a look around… 1,600 team members reinvented their entire way of serving customers in less than a week. Millions of dollars in business are being conducted from kitchen tables each [...]

When My Family Lost Everything…

What do you do when your entire world stops on a dime? When my family’s company was put out of business by the 2008 economic crisis, the wind was knocked out of my soul. We were forced to [...]