In Frankly Friday

Kites break the rules of gravity. They whip around in the air and flash their shiny colors to whoever will look at them.

Without strings, they would spin out of sight, flip upside down, and fall to the ground.

Their strings keep them anchored; safe from turning themselves inside out.

Kites are undeniably helpless without strings.

A decade ago this week, I was a kite adrift in blue skies.

Long before I knew what I was doing, God sent me a string.

He anchored my fledgling little company with steady processes, contagious wisdom, and unwavering values, which allowed us to move in a specific, intentional direction instead of whipping around in the wind.

Along the way, we encountered many storms and seasons of stagnant breeze.

But his gentle tugs always pull us back in the direction we need to go, and we live to fly another day.

History has shown us many kites who would have been useless without their strings

For Warren Buffet, it was Charlie Munger.

For John Lennon, it was Paul McCartney.

For Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.

For me, it is Caleb Agee.

I am so, so grateful for all the things he has allowed me to do, and be. And if you have ever been encouraged or inspired by our messages, I can promise you that Mr. Agee’s guidance made it possible.

Please help me flood his inbox with gratitude and congratulations for 10 incredible years as the steady steward of Frank & Maven. (You can reach him directly, here).

Thank you, Caleb, for everything you are. Here’s to many more years of breaking rules, and reeling it back in.



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