The profitability of your marketing hinges on one thing: Did you connect with a human and offer them a better life? The Maven Method will make sure this is happening in your website, social media, traditional and digital advertising, so that you can rise above the noise and make an impact with your audience.

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The Maven Marketer is the no-nonsense guide, created from over a decade on the front lines of small business marketing. Learn the exact process Brandon Welch, Founder of Frank & Maven, has used to flood his clients with new customers, skyrocket revenues, and change the lives of business owners across the United States.

Brandon exposes the truth about the broken system of advertising in America, why so many companies fail to grow to their fullest potential, and how you can finally build a marketing plan that will launch your company to new heights.


Here’s the thing; we’re not just an advertising company, a video company, a website company, or a social media company. We’re a communication company. Every service we offer starts with a plan for why, how, and what to communicate. Then, we execute that plan through many media and messaging services, including:


A Maven is an expert that loves to teach others. As our name suggests, we believe that teaching is the most important part of being a professional. So every week we share tactics on making better ads, social media, videos, email marketing, and sales to help your business grow. Maven Mondays are never longer than 5 minutes, and they always leave you with clear actionable steps you can implement now.

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Be More Memorable – Maven Monday
Subscribe & listen on your favorite platform: Welcome to the first episode of Maven Monday, where we answer questions from small businesses across the U.S. about how to grow faster, and get...
Episode 41: Keeping Good People featuring DRYVE Leadership Group
Every business on the planet is challenged with finding good people to work. In the last three episodes, we gave you some rock-solid tricks for bringing the best to your door. But the more...
Episode 40: Finding and Keeping Good People (Part 3)
Now that you know how to position your recruiting ads to succeed and how to get serious prospects applying, all that’s left is to learn how to pull the proof from the pudding and narrow in on the...
Episode 39: Finding and Keeping Good People (Part 2)
Talented, hard-working people are hard to find. But they're even harder to attract to your front door. Want to make your company the one EVERYONE wants to work for? Part 2 of our ever-popular...
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Every Friday we reflect on our week and say what needs to be said. Frankly Friday subscribers tell us they like reading for our short, fresh ideas on marketing, business and life.

Keep it Short
You’re going to try to make your case. You’re going to be met with a misunderstanding and twisting of your words. You’re going to try again. You’re going to get the same...
Return on Investment vs Return on Impact   Return on investment is the language of smart business folks: What will it cost? What are the projected cap gains? When can I expect a...
Friends and True Friends
We all need the same things: Acceptance Advancement Adventure  Your friends all want these things for you too.  But your true friends are the ones who will help you achieve these...
Words are Worlds
Right now there is someone disappointing you, doubting you, and making your life difficult. It’s the weekend, and you’ll likely blow off some steam about this person. You’re perfectly...
  • We have been clients of Frank Maven for over 3 years and have been impressed with their knowledge and their handling of our account. They have helped us continue to make great strides in our marketing approach. We appreciate their straightforwardness and expertise while guiding us in our marketing needs. Their customer service and personal touch is above and beyond other firms.

    Susan Rust Office Manager | OMS Springfield/Branson
  • Frank & Maven has been a great partner to Duckett Ladd. With their guidance, strategy, and persistence we have been able to reach people that align with our belief structure. They have taken the time to fully understand our business to ensure that the messaging they provide for us encapsulates our mission, vision, and services. If you are looking for an advertising agency, Frank and Maven would be a good choice. If you are looking for a partner that pushes you to the next level Frank and Maven is a great choice.

    Duckett Ladd LLP
  • Frank & Maven have done an amazing job on helping us grow our business. They have been an excellent source for our marketing needs. We really appreciate working with a company that has such high standards and great customer service. What a great team!

    Jeremy Willmon
  • Frank and Maven never fails to give a fresh and innovative spin on marketing. It’s refreshing to find honest and straightforward people who take pride in their work and treat your business as a reflection of their own. Undoubtedly the best marketing firm in the area.

    Mikaela Elizabeth
  • This is a very creative firm. They are very friendly and really understand your business needs intuitively.
    Greg Venturella
  • Reynolds Plastic Surgery has been clients of Frank & Maven for over 3 years. I highly recommend their team for anyone seeking to grow their business. Brandon and his team take the time to learn your business and your industry and then they tailor a marketing plan to meet your budget and needs. I can say with a high level of certainty that you will be so happy you made that call!

    Julie Reynolds
  • Mr. Brandon Welch and Team have been an excellent marketing/media team to work with, they have helped us grow our business exponentially. These are good people that work around the clock to get things done in a timely manner. I couldn't manage my companies without them. Thanks guys!

    Tyler Smith