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Welcome to the first episode of Maven Monday, where we answer questions from small businesses across the U.S. about how to grow faster, and get more out of advertising.

Are you lacking confidence in your advertising spend?

Do you want more people to remember your ads?

In this episode Brandon and CalebĀ  discuss where most small businesses fail in marketing effectively, and the #1 mistake that leads to wasted ad dollars.

ALSO, Learn how to create ads that break through the noise, hold attention, and make you more memorable than any of your competitors!

Episode Highlights:

00:52 – Question 1: Where do most businesses fail when marketing?
02:49 – The silent killer of ad campaigns
05:50 – A lead is a person with a need
07:04 – Mistake: Putting media before your message
12:00 – Mistake: Talking about yourself instead of your customer

13:35 – Question 2: How do I make my ads stand out from my competition?
14:46 – The #1 secret to memorable ads
20:50 – How to say more with less
25:49 – How to align with your customer for maximum impact

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