In Frankly Friday

We all need the same things:

  • Acceptance
  • Advancement
  • Adventure 

Your friends all want these things for you too. 

But your true friends are the ones who will help you achieve these things, even if it costs them their own. 

They will risk their own acceptance to stand up for you, spend time with you, or tell you the truth no one else is brave enough to tell you. 

They will prioritize your advancement in status, finances, or well-being as much as they do their own.

They will challenge you to go on adventures, remind you that life is short, and help you conquer that scary mountain calling your name. 

A friend will applaud you when you win and compliment your new shirt. But a true friend will point out when you say something stupid or when you have a long nose hair that needs to be trimmed. 

A friend will invite you to their events, but a true friend will skip the party to sit on the back deck and talk about the tough week you’ve had.

A friend will “like” the inspirational quotes you post on Facebook, but a true friend will text you on a Tuesday morning in March to ask you what you’ve done lately about that New Year’s resolution you set in January. 

Friends will appear on your path of life often by accident. And that is a wonderful thing. 

But true friendships only happen on purpose. And it’s one of the most beautiful things you could ever choose to put your energy into. 

  1. Who has been that true, on-purpose friend for you?
  2. Are you being the same for them?

Remind them today how rare that is. And get together soon to celebrate.



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