In Frankly Friday

Right now there is someone disappointing you, doubting you, and making your life difficult.

It’s the weekend, and you’ll likely blow off some steam about this person.

You’re perfectly entitled to do that, and it may even do you some good.

But before you do, could I remind you of something you’ve known for a long time?

  1. The words you say feed the thoughts you have
  2. The thoughts you have become the feelings you walk around with
  3. Bad feelings create more bad feelings
  4. More bad feelings create negative actions
  5. Those actions never lead you to the resolution or the life that you actually want
  6. Your words literally speak worlds into existence.

It seems harmless to spin up negative worlds in the company of friends who love and support us.

But what would happen if you… didn’t?

There was once a man who spoke a world of peace, forgiveness, grace, and love into existence.

He taught us how to create that same kind of world, even in the midst of thrown rocks and curses.

And he showed us that when we make that choice, radical, counterintuitive things happen.

The world we actually want to live in happens.

I am asking:

  1. What world are my words creating?
  2. Is that a world I want to live in?

I hope your week comes to a peaceful end, and that it begins with abundance.



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