Keep it Short

You’re going to try to make your case. You’re going to be met with a misunderstanding and twisting of your words. You’re going to try again. You’re going to get the same result. You’ll toss and [...]


Return on Investment vs Return on Impact   Return on investment is the language of smart business folks: What will it cost? What are the projected cap gains? When can I expect a profitable exit? [...]

Friends and True Friends

We all need the same things: Acceptance Advancement Adventure  Your friends all want these things for you too.  But your true friends are the ones who will help you achieve these things, even if [...]

Words are Worlds

Right now there is someone disappointing you, doubting you, and making your life difficult. It’s the weekend, and you’ll likely blow off some steam about this person. You’re perfectly entitled to [...]

Kites and Strings

Kites break the rules of gravity. They whip around in the air and flash their shiny colors to whoever will look at them. Without strings, they would spin out of sight, flip upside down, and fall [...]

But Who Are You Becoming?

Life is easy. Nothing is on fire. You know that ups and downs are only a matter of getting through. But who are you becoming? You’ve learned what is healthy. You’ve learned how to feel better. [...]

An Unreasonable Suggestion (BBQ Inside)

Roy H. Williams said it best: “Time, like money is spent. What are you buying with yours?” We buy all sorts of unreasonable things with money. And we usually don’t even shame ourselves for it. [...]

Playing it Safe Isn’t Humble

You have natural abilities. Those natural abilities gave you an advantage over most people. They got you to a reasonable level of success. People applauded you. It felt weird to be celebrated for [...]

Tell It Where to Go

If you asked the average person why they haven’t conquered their goals, there is a significant chance they’d provide one of four excuses: Not enough time Not enough money Not enough energy Not [...]

God and Your iPhone

I’d like to find the writers of the iPhone software who automated this video title yesterday, and I’d like to punch them.  Notice I didn’t just say “this video.” I said “this video title.” “Early [...]