The Movies You’ll Play in Your Mind

“Trust me. I’ve watched many people on their death bed. Exactly zero times were they replaying decisions like this.” The old man was giving me advice on a decision that seemed so monumental at [...]

You are smart. You are kind. You are important.

You are Smart. You are Kind. You are important. Resting on a princess pillow, under a Minnie Mouse blanket, through the muffle of one tattered puppy dog and a withering bear bear, Jovi Girl and [...]

Can You Hear It

Next week will mark 365 days since we last saw our good friend. He hasn’t been here, but he hasn’t been gone. I haven’t seen him, but I’ve heard him. On troubled waters I’ve heard him say, [...]

Complaining vs. Compelling


About 15 years ago I got my first chance to play in a band full of professional musicians. It changed my life! Ever since that day, I’ve intuitively been wondering why that was such an [...]

Digital Dazzle

“TV is dying off, isn’t it? And no one listens to radio anymore for sure, right? We’ve got to be better at social media. That’s where everyone is.” I’ve heard this chatter since the first [...]

When Stars Align

I was 17 years old sweeping the floors at a music store, begging for my chance to be a retail salesman. My ears perked up when a guy came in one afternoon looking for answers about how to make [...]

Complexity And Growing

Several people reminded me this week how crucial discomfort is to growing. Then Bill Eckstrom convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt with his presentation on growth rings. According to him, [...]

A New Set Of Joneses

The newer car. The bigger house. The better body. These are just a few of the measuring sticks people find themselves using to define their happiness level. On the surface, “keeping up with the [...]