The Evidence is Overwhelming

“Well, it was good while it lasted.” “I feel like I’m going backwards.” “I thought I had it figured out, but I guess I was wrong.” These are the verses of struggle. I’ve heard them being sung a [...]

Your Work, Your Play, Your Love, and Your Religion

At your next stoplight look to your left and your right.  There’s a good chance you’ll see someone with their shoulders to their ears, and eyebrows pulled down over their nose.  In your next [...]

You Attract What You Are

You attract what you are. Specifically, you attract what people think you are. If you want to be noticed, give others more attention. If you want to be at peace, let go of your grudges and be [...]

The Permission To Persuade

“Do you need me to listen, or do you want help solving a problem?” I’m convinced this question would save a lot of marriages. Why? Because the void for emotional validation far outweighs the need [...]

If Your Employees are Wasting Your Time

“People just don’t want to work anymore!” “They’re all leaving for $1 raise…” “I’d be growing like crazy if I could just hire more.” This [...]

Fill Her Tank

When she is at her best, laughing and encouraging you, fill her tank. When she‘s on an adventure, pursuing things that bring her joy, fill her tank. When she is unsure, uninspired, and tired, [...]

My Mom Made Me a Marketer

“How do you think that makes them feel? “Kill them with kindness.” “If they don’t like you, they just don’t know you yet.” These are the words that have echoed louder than any others from my [...]

13 Lessons From Marriage and Marketing

I have been a copywriter for as long as I’ve been Valerie’s boyfriend. Thirteen years ago this week, I became a professional in both fields by putting the ring on her finger and getting my first [...]

Happy 2023.5

You are today exactly where your decisions have taken you. Regardless of what has happened, you decided what to do, or what not to do next. Regardless of the doors that have opened, you decided [...]

You Won the Lottery

  Have you ever wanted more for the world you live in? Have you ever witnessed something that you know in your heart is wrong? Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you will do [...]