But Who Are You Becoming?

Life is easy. Nothing is on fire. You know that ups and downs are only a matter of getting through. But who are you becoming? You’ve learned what is healthy. You’ve learned how to feel better. [...]

An Unreasonable Suggestion (BBQ Inside)

Roy H. Williams said it best: “Time, like money is spent. What are you buying with yours?” We buy all sorts of unreasonable things with money. And we usually don’t even shame ourselves for it. [...]

Bee Dub’s Angry Baby Back Ribs

A rib rub, sauce, and smoke masterpiece packed with sweet and spicy melodies, harmoniously accentuated by BBQ’s favorite fruit note; apple. Bee Dub Rub: Ingredients: 1 cup Brown Sugar 1/2 Cup [...]

Playing it Safe Isn’t Humble

You have natural abilities. Those natural abilities gave you an advantage over most people. They got you to a reasonable level of success. People applauded you. It felt weird to be celebrated for [...]

Tell It Where to Go

If you asked the average person why they haven’t conquered their goals, there is a significant chance they’d provide one of four excuses: Not enough time Not enough money Not enough energy Not [...]

God and Your iPhone

I’d like to find the writers of the iPhone software who automated this video title yesterday, and I’d like to punch them.  Notice I didn’t just say “this video.” I said “this video title.” “Early [...]