In Frankly Friday

I’d like to find the writers of the iPhone software who automated this video title yesterday, and I’d like to punch them. 

Notice I didn’t just say “this video.”

I said “this video title.”

“Early Adventures with Jude”

It was one of the many auto-generated slide shows served up to me each week on my home screen. Like most, this video was a blessing of past memories.

But it was that “early” word that got me.

“The Early Adventures” implies that we are now in… The later years, and that caused me to have a moment.

At first, I thought “he’s still a young kid.”

Then I thought, “no, he’s really not.”

And then I heard what God was trying to tell me. 

“Give your infinite attention to him as I have given my infinite attention to you.”


It had nothing to do with the software guys. 

It was a reminder of how big and precious his gifts are, and that they are currently right in front of me. And suddenly everything else in my week felt very small in comparison. 

I have surpassed the halfway point of the moments Jude and I will live under the same roof. That stings.

But I am grateful for the reminder to cherish those moments like pure gold. 

I am also curious. 

If God just used the iPhone to speak with me, could he use something unusual to speak with you today?

The reminders of His love are everywhere. Let’s try to give them our infinite attention.



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