In Frankly Friday

You have natural abilities.

Those natural abilities gave you an advantage over most people.

They got you to a reasonable level of success.

People applauded you.

It felt weird to be celebrated for something that was reasonably easy.
You, not wanting to be a braggart, struggle to push yourself out in front anymore.

You think the “attention” is braggadocios.

So you settle for comfortability, and you tell yourself “you’re not an arrogant person.”

You accepted that there were two options… be “humble” or “big.”

And that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever been told.

I’ve recently been reminded:

  1. God did not give you your abilities so you could play it safe
  2. He wants to you trust him for the times you aren’t comfortable
  3. Turning gifts into bigger, harder things is the best way to honor what you have been given

Is that reminder helpful for you, too?

Let’s stop playing it safe my friend.

There is a lot of meaningful work to be done.



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