Small Moves > Big Moves

50 Days Ago You made big promises. Ordered salad. Put down a vice. Wrote in your journal. Read a book. You walked back into work with a different spring in your step. You shared your goal with [...]


Your Vision, Your Values, and Your Vows

Anxious. Stressed. Sad. The latest research shows what we already know to be true; this is how the overwhelming majority of people feel about life and work right now. 87% to be exact. And only [...]

Shine CLOSERS Sweeps

CASA Dinner


Episode 41: Keeping Good People featuring DRYVE Leadership Group

You Control the Volume

You’ve been called to make a difference in the world. It’s a kind of difference that only you can make. Your experiences, relationships, and life challenges have granted you the ability to help [...]

Episode 36: Improve Your Chances of Selling Anything (Part 2)

Don’t Talk About My Friend That Way

“Can you believe all that weight she put on?” “Of course he messed that up…” “I can’t believe anyone would hire him for that job.” You hear someone talking smack on your best friend. You’re [...]