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Your Yoda

Your Yoda is your flashlight, illuminating things in front of you that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Sometimes they’ll point out opportunities, sometimes they’ll guide you away [...]

Senior Marketing Strategist

Seller Agrees To The Following Terms

Selling price of ____. Will pay closing costs and fees up to ____. Agrees to complete transaction by ____ date. Negotiates additional terms of ____. Will not complete transaction if _____. This [...]

The Voices of Perfection And Progress

“I’m going to keep working on my plan first” “I think I need to find the right tools first” “I need to save some more money first” “I need to find more time first.” “I’m not sure if I have enough [...]

Happy Opportunity Day

“Are we perfect? No. Are there imbalances in our system? Of course. But I will never understand the lack of disregard for the sheer amount of opportunity available in this country.” My friend Tim [...]

Momentum Equals Mass Times Velocity

Momentum = mass X velocity. By October 1st of last year, my body had a lot of mass, but not much velocity.  It had been 4,151 days since this guy had seen a gym. Mass, of course, is the size of [...]

Time or Purpose

Today you will spend 1,440 minutes of your life no matter what.  The purchase is final. No refunds allowed. No matter what you choose to do, there are only really two types of time: Time you [...]

How To Feel On Top Of The World

5,000 feet above the horizon, immersed in a panoramic landscape of the Pacific Ocean and the Hawaiian jungle, there I stood with the love of my life taking it all in. This particular peak of the [...]