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Anxious. Stressed. Sad.

The latest research shows what we already know to be true; this is how the overwhelming majority of people feel about life and work right now.

87% to be exact.

And only one out of three people report that they are happy with their work.

What in the world is going on?

We’ve forgotten what to listen to. 

In case you’ve slipped into the anxious, stressed, or sad tribe recently, I’d like to remind you of something that I was also reminded of this week:

What is good has never changed. Our circumstances have merely disoriented us from seeing it.

Good-ness is something we can choose to see, even through the storm of stress that surrounds us.

In times of harmony and health, we often see it and believe it by accident.

When the news is good, we feel good. And that may be a fine time to let our feelings go on auto-pilot.

But when the news is bad, we must manually control the thoughts and feelings we focus on in order to be happy and productive.

In the last 15 years of consulting with thousands of people, can I tell you what the happiest, most productive, and steady all have in common?

They have strong Vision, Values, and Vows. 

Like night-vision goggles, Vision, Values, and Vows allow you to keep moving through even the cloudiest of days.

Vision – a strong belief in the world you are trying to create.

Values – a strong conviction about what you stand for and against.

Vows – a strong commitment to what you will do, regularly, for yourself and others.

In my first book, I explained why Vision, Values, and Vows are the crucial ingredients to growing successful companies.

I’m seeing lately how they are even more crucial for growing successful people (you and I).

It’s time to get back to “good.” And it all starts with pulling out what you’ve always known to be true.

More to come.



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