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Your Yoda is your flashlight, illuminating things in front of you that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Sometimes they’ll point out opportunities, sometimes they’ll guide you away from the things that will hurt you.

Your Yoda experienced the thrill of your journey long before you. They have a new thrill now: Re-experiencing that journey through you, with the benefit of their experience.

Your Yoda will give you the most profound wisdom in a natural conversation without even trying.

Your Yoda will connect the dots for you while still letting you experience necessary growing pains.

Your Yoda can be many years older, many years younger, or the same age as you. The only thing that matters is that they’ve gone through what you’re going through.

You can appoint a Yoda for many areas of your life; relationships, learning an art, physical wellness, and business.

Do you know who yours are?

How often are you seeking their wisdom?

You’ll get where you’re going so much faster if you’ll just do this often!

Make them a regular thing on your calendar. Give them something for their time, even if it’s just a coffee or a lunch. And when you’re doing this, listen more than you talk.

And once you get where you’re going; it’s your turn to return the favor.

Are you being a Yoda?

If so, thank you. The world needs more people like you!



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