In Frankly Friday

Today, you will encounter someone who:
  • Confuses you
  • Frustrates you
  • Makes you jealous
  • Suggests you’re inadequate
  • Keeps you stuck

What did you get today?

You got what was in their tank.

They may have filled their own tank with poison, or someone else may have done it for them.

Fake news, toxic media, or a mental illness may have filled it without them even being aware.

Or someone may have filled it with love, and they may have spent it all loving themselves.

You don’t really get a choice about any of that.

But you do get to choose what happens when they cross your path.

If you fill their tank with poison, you feed a future of doubt.

If you fill their tank with love, you feed a future of hope.

Poison looks like:

  • Looking for every reason they’re wrong and you’re right.
  • Exploiting their blind spots
  • Forgetting you are both human beings looking for purpose and acceptance

Love looks like:

  • Looking for common ground
  • Celebrating their strengths
  • Remembering that listening is your most powerful tool

The poison that comes out is their choice.

The love we put back in is our responsibility.

Feed the future you want, my friend.

Good things are far more in our control than we usually remember.



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