Get Paid to Learn

When I was 17, I wanted to be a music producer.  The path presented to me was an $80,000 program at a music school. It seemed logical: pay to learn the skills, then get a job that pays you for [...]


We are indebted for today’s Frankly Friday to my friend Bill Perkin. With so much banter in the air, so many opinions, and so many people looking for an opportunity to be offended, Bill offered a [...]

Feed Your Future

Today, you will encounter someone who: Confuses you Frustrates you Makes you jealous Suggests you’re inadequate Keeps you stuck What did you get today? You got what was in their tank. They may [...]

It Only Takes a Little Bit

I was a B student. Not because getting an A was hard. But because getting a B… was easy. Until 3rd quarter in 4rd grade when my dad sat me down at the dining room table with my report card in his [...]