In Frankly Friday

What do you do when your entire world stops on a dime?

When my family’s company was put out of business by the 2008 economic crisis, the wind was knocked out of my soul. We were forced to let go of 30 employees and we lost everything my dad had worked his whole life for.

My career was up in flames. I had a new wife and a new mortgage payment. I was scared to death.

I got a job selling advertising, but I quickly realized many others were struggling immensely with their own business. They didn’t need advertising.

They needed a Partner.

A partner is someone who shares the pain with others and helps them see a new future. And partnerships can’t be built on money and transactions.

Partnerships are built on Servanthood.

In hindsight, servanthood was the only thing that pulled me out of those dark days. And it lead to the turning point for everything.

A few years later I would start my own company that was completely born from this innovation and enjoy my work to a level that I never dreamed of.

  • Are your customers afraid to buy right now?
  • Are you out of work?
  • Are you unsure of what moves to make?

No matter what situation you’re in, the most solid piece of advice I can give you is this:

Serve your people.

Show up for them.

Give them your time, no matter what they can give you in return.

Be their partner. Help them see a better future.

You may have to get scrappy to do this in a different way than you have in the past. But if your heart is right, doors will open for you, to serve.

You will come out stronger than you ever imagines.


Keep going.



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