In Frankly Friday

“I’m going to keep working on my plan first”
“I think I need to find the right tools first”
“I need to save some more money first”
“I need to find more time first.”
“I’m not sure if I have enough experience yet.”

This is the voice of perfection.

“Today I will be better than yesterday”
“I don’t know when I’ll arrive at my destination, but I’m going to start walking in that direction”
“I can make changes as I go along”
“No one can stop me from taking a next step”
“Any direction is better than no direction.”

This is the voice of progress.

Which voice do you believe leads to the most success one year from now?
Which voice sounds most like the one in your head today?

When you listen to the voice of progress your next step is perfection.
But when you listen to the voice of perfection, your next step is procrastination.

So, which voice should we be listening to?

What can you make progress on today?
What tiny steps can you take in the direction you want to go from this point forward?

Maybe it’s a phone call.

Maybe it’s a Google search.

Maybe it’s printing a picture of the thing you want and putting it some where you can see it.

Maybe it’s showing up to a networking meeting.

Maybe it’s reading one chapter of the book.

Maybe it’s a text to a person you’ve been meaning to reconnect with.

You know the thing I’m talking about, right?

Go. Make some progress. Perfection will come soon enough.



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