In Frankly Friday

“Are we perfect? No. Are there imbalances in our system? Of course. But I will never understand the lack of disregard for the sheer amount of opportunity available in this country.”

My friend Tim is an immigrant. He came to this country with absolutely nothing. A few weeks ago in his office he casually made that statement above, and I haven’t been able to forget it since.

Tim is now the head of a $100M American corporation. Without the privileges, connections and systems available to those lucky enough to be born here, he worked his way to the top. He made something from nothing.

But that’s not even the most profound part.

What is most profound is that, as a non-US citizen, he has more respect for America than many Americans do today. He credits this country for providing the opportunity to make a difference more than any other place.

Does that concern you as much as it does me?

While our country is fighting itself harder than ever, I hope for at least this one weekend we can be grateful that we have the freedom to do that.

We were handed a blank check of opportunity the moment we were born here.

We get to decide what is written in the memo line. We have a huge say-so in the equation! We are among the free-est of the free in the world.

What are you doing with all the opportunity you’ve been given to make a change? To have a voice? To decide your next step?

There are literally billions of people who would do anything to trade you for that opportunity.

It’s worth celebrating, friends.

Happy Opportunity Day.



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