Episode 41: Keeping Good People featuring DRYVE Leadership Group

Do You Remember?

Do you remember? Do you remember when you once longed for exactly what you have right now? A car A house A spouse A job that you enjoy More time to yourself A friend you can trust A skill you [...]

The Stage of Your Life

Your life is a stage. What you say, how you act, the characters you associate with are all on display. You look out in the audience and see the 5-year-old version is watching everything you’ve [...]

Episode 40: Finding and Keeping Good People (Part 3)

Thoughts about Daughters

Build them up in every way possible. Giggle. Make-up songs. Chase them around and be silly for as long as they’ll possibly let you—this is how they will know it’s okay to be themselves in front [...]

The Movies You’ll Play in Your Mind

“Trust me. I’ve watched many people on their death bed. Exactly zero times were they replaying decisions like this.” The old man was giving me advice on a decision that seemed so monumental at [...]