In Frankly Friday

“Trust me. I’ve watched many people on their death bed. Exactly zero times were they replaying decisions like this.”

The old man was giving me advice on a decision that seemed so monumental at the time.

“The nights you laughed your ass off around a campfire. The tiny footprints in the sand. The first time you got to hold her hand.

Who you loved. Who you know in you heart that you helped along. The times you stood up for what you believe. Those are the movies you’ll be replaying in your mind.”

I trusted that he was right, and I let him ease my mind. But it took several years to realize how liberating his wisdom would be. 

Every time I’m faced with a daunting decision, I spend a few days in anxiety until the old man always reappears to remind me:

“This silly little decision you’re fretting over will not make the final cut in the motion picture of your life.

Make a damn choice so you can get back to what matters.”

Have you been putting off a big decision?
A phone call?
A final approval?

I have good news for you: the old man was right. 

The energy you’re wasting being anxious isn’t worth it.

You have all the information you need. You have the heart and the brain. And as soon as you commit, you will have the exact support system you need to see it through.

Pull the trigger. Do it. And then…

Go laugh.
Hug your kids.
Hold her hand.
Love and help some people.
Stand up for what you know is right.

It’s going to be a great movie.




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