In Frankly Friday

Do you remember?

Do you remember when you once longed for exactly what you have right now?

A car
A house
A spouse
A job that you enjoy
More time to yourself
A friend you can trust
A skill you acquired
Freedom to choose
A mentor

What is on your list that has now become ‘ordinary’?

Stop the bus for a minute. Look around. You’re freaking making stuff happen.

If you’ve been feeling anxious about what you don’t have yet…

And If you’re constantly aware of the voice telling you that you haven’t “made it…”

You need to remember this one thing: you are further down the road than you think.

You’ll always overestimate what you can do in a couple of months, and underestimate what will happen for you in a couple of years.

Take a look behind you… you’ll find all of the proof you need.


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