In Frankly Friday

“I’m stuck.”

“I’m so freaking burned out.”

“If only I had more time.”

You’re sitting across from a good friend listening to him moan and groan about the disparity between where he is and where he wants to be.

You’re a good friend, so you let him carry on about his frets and frustrations.

But it’s a pretty pitiful sight…

Not just because of how worked up he’s making himself, but because you are one-million percent sure he’s capable of solving this.

In fact, you’ve seen him talk others off this very ledge in the past many times.

It’s actually pretty sad that he’s in this situation in the first place;

All he needs to do is practice what he’s preached!

So what do you do in this moment?

How do we help this poor bastard get out of his own head?

You lean forward and ask one, simple question:

“If you were you, watching your situation from the outside, how would you coach yourself right now?”

The lightbulb goes off.

He leans back, chuckles for a second, sighs three inches off his shoulders, and says, “If I were me, I would…”

Then he proceeds to tell you exactly how to solve his own problem.


Have you found yourself stuck in the hamster wheel?

Feeling like no-one quite understands what it’s like to be in your situation?

Wishing someone would give you the magic answer?


You are not stuck, my friend. You are merely a Dumbo looking for a feather.

It’s time for me to ask you the question:

If you were you, watching you, what would you tell you to do?



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