In Frankly Friday

Build them up in every way possible.

Giggle. Make-up songs. Chase them around and be silly for as long as they’ll possibly let you—this is how they will know it’s okay to be themselves in front of other people.

Demonstrate opening the door, volunteering, and giving to others—this is how they will know to listen to the softness in their heart.

Brush their hair, compliment them, and take them shopping, but remind them every day that they are beautiful on the inside and outside.

Complement them twice as much about their actions and how they treat others versus their looks or performance—this is how they will know what is important.

Create a space where no question is too uncomfortable to ask.

Be honest with them when you don’t have all of the answers.

Take them to coffee, to dinner & dessert. Put away your phone, look them in the eyes and make them your entire world for an evening.

Talk about their feelings.

Talk about their dreams.

Help them set goals.

Tell them it’s okay to be unsure.

Tell them it’s okay to make mistakes.

But hold them accountable to their goals and dreams.

Listen, listen, listen. Repeat back what you think you heard them say.

Go all-in with whatever they’re interested in. Spend the money. Give the time.

Help them set boundaries for themselves and the expectations others have on them.

Teach them how to be financially independent so that they find a life a partner, not a master.

Teach them how to be confident so they find a partner, not a crutch.

Teach them how to use their voice so they can stand up for themselves.

Build them up in every way possible.


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