In Frankly Friday

20,000 fans, hanging on every word.

29 straight hits without missing a beat.

Thunderous applause for this absolute legendary band.


Lights out.

Time for everyone to go home.

But one concert-goer knew that this was her time to “zig” while every other fan was “zagging.”

She beelined it for the stage.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

As if it should have been obvious she casually stated, “I’m going to get a set list.”

And just like that, she marched to the front of the crowd, sliding right under the radar of security, and scored an extraordinary memento of music memorabilia— Joe Walshes set list and three guitar picks to boot.

“How did you do that?” We all asked.

And again, as it should have been obvious, she said,

“All you have to do is puff your chest out and walk like you know where you’re going.”

It shouldn’t surprise you that this wasn’t even close to the first time she’d done this.

LJ has made a habit of getting exactly what she wants at concerts and in life.

How about you?

Are you seeing anything you want?

There are two massive lessons you can take away from this Eagles fan:

  1. Your opportunity most certainly lies in the opposite direction of the crowd.
  2. All ya gotta do is puff your chest out and walk like you know where you’re going.

When you’ve got the thing in your hand, you’ll have LJ to thank.

Break a leg.


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