In Frankly Friday

No matter how you voted, you’re not on a winning team.

Your investments are down. Sales are slow.

School and church and healthcare are all out of whack.

People are rude.

Everything is more expensive.

And you know what? You could find dozens, maybe even hundreds of more reasons to fret and fear.

But you will never get anywhere close to 1,196,554.


That’s the number of real people since April 19, 1775, who didn’t come home to their families so we could have a choice about what to do next.

And you know what else? There are 2,396,003 more working right now to make sure that you never have to go without that choice.

You won the lottery when you were born in America. So did I.

And all of the stuff around you that you don’t like? You can change it.

And you have a Veteran to thank for that.

Two things:

  1. You can and should tell them you are thankful for them today and all the time.
  2. You can and should SHOW them you are thankful by putting the freedom they bought for you to use. Take joy in it. Live with confidence, not fear. And make the moves that billions of people can around the world only dream of being able to make. Use your freedom for good.

Let’s tell them, and show them.

Happy Veterans Day friends… and I mean that. We are the ones that should be happy.



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