The Gift of Zero Doubts

166.3 million people are out looking for ways to show their love in the form of rapid retail. Shelves full of doodads and deals… Newsfeeds overflowing with ads… Amazon buying guides… All [...]

Walk Like You Know Where You’re Going

20,000 fans, hanging on every word. 29 straight hits without missing a beat. Thunderous applause for this absolute legendary band. Encore. Lights out. Time for everyone to go home. But one [...]

1,196,554 Reasons

No matter how you voted, you’re not on a winning team. Your investments are down. Sales are slow. School and church and healthcare are all out of whack. People are rude. Everything is more [...]

The Higher You Go, the Steeper the Climb

The higher you go, the steeper the climb. The average American “peaks” in their career at 45 years old, despite the fact that they have decades more to contribute. Why? Statistically, you are [...]