In Frankly Friday

166.3 million people are out looking for ways to show their love in the form of rapid retail.

Shelves full of doodads and deals…
Newsfeeds overflowing with ads…
Amazon buying guides…

All suggesting in harmony, “the better the gift, the bigger your love!”

And you know what? It’s a blast.

I’ll be a part of that 166 million shoppers. And I like to think I’m pretty good at it.

But December 26th never quite feels like the things said enough of what we really wanted to say.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Have you ever not received the reaction you imagined when they opened the thing?

It’s not because gifts are bad.

It’s because people long for something far more rare:

Validation and encouragement.

The greatest expression of admiration you can give someone is a complete understanding of who they are, and assurance that you are cheering them on.

Things can’t really express that.

But words can.

Do you want to rock someone’s world?

Do you want to enter the new year with zero doubt that you’ve made your people know how much they mean?

Go shopping for the perfect words to go with that perfect gift.

Here’s a gift (of words) guide:

  1. What is your person in most need of in their life?
  2. What are they excited about?
  3. What are they afraid of?
  4. What is frustrating them?
  5. What have you noticed them making progress on that they haven’t received credit for?
  6. What makes you most proud of them?
  7. What physical or personality features do you love?
  8. What have they made possible for you?
  9. Who would you be without them?
  10. Where would you be without them?
  11. What have you not thanked them for in a while?
  12. What should they keep doing no matter what?
  13. What good do you see coming their way this year?
  14. What dream of theirs can you encourage?
  15. How do you vow to support them?

These are the grooves on the key that will unlock their heart, and show your love without a shadow of a doubt.

For every dollar you spend on them, spend a minute writing.

I promise Christmas of ‘22 will be one for the history books.

🎁 ✍️


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