In Frankly Friday

“The world will flock to see your roses, yet nobody stops to admire the stems and soil they grow from.” In one casual sentence, my buddy Jon summed up the problem, and the solution with achieving success.

I immediately wrote it down.

Our world is addicted to talent, accolades, and the appearance of doing well. Our thoughts about ourselves and others seem to always revolve around the bright, fragrant, roses that we display for each other.

But we never look under the petals and admire the roots responsible for the greatness.

We get lost in the hypnosis of how to make our flowers bigger and brighter.

And that’s the moment they start to die.

Two thoughts:

1. The matter we let into our minds and our bodies is our soil. Without strong nutrients, our roots have nothing to send up-stem. We must choose carefully the people and media we allow inside just as carefully as we choose the food that nourishes us. Input dictates the output.

2. Our stems are our direct support system. Without them, our flowers have nothing to stand on. Good stems don’t bend or break, and they have sharp thorns to protect the plant. Similarly, when we choose solid people to build our identity around, they will not allow us to bend or break away and will repel the things that try to harm us.

Healthy soil and strong stems seldom get the attention they deserve.

Is it time that you give them some love?



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