In Frankly Friday

The headlines couldn’t wait to speak it into existence:

“We’ve entered a recession.”

And just like that, millions tossed their confidence to the winds of mainstream news and popular opinion. Now it seems everywhere there is chatter of impending doom.

“What goes up must come down!” 

“Will it be as bad as ’08?” 

“Better not make any big moves.” They all say. 

This kind of thinking is how temporary trends spin into prolonged pandemonium.

You’ve felt it and so have I

But guess what?

A recession is merely a circumstance. And you get to choose how you react to circumstances.

Would you rather react in a way that makes you richer or poorer?

In the last month, I’ve employed 7 recession opt-out strategies for my clients in the name of THRIVING, not just surviving.  

We call it “thurviving.”

Here are the first three. I’ll drop the others next week.

  1. Zig While they Zag – Recession triggers everyone to “get out while the getting is good.” This is the perfect time for you to get IN while the getting is good. Buy the equipment they’re ditching at a discount. Hire their laid-off talent. Put money into the down market. Get a steal of a deal on a new space. Anytime you see someone doing something “safe,” consider doing the opposite! 
  2. Punch Up – There are bigger customers than you normally serve who are looking for a more nimble solution. Those bigger customers are probably using a bigger vendor than you, and they’re feeling the need to cut costs. Swoop in, serve them in a more personalized, customized way than the big boys can. 
  1. Create a new audience – Acknowledge what you are really selling – it’s probably not what you think. Break your skill, your product, and your expertise down to its essence. What is the real outcome you provide for people? Now, identify EVERYONE who needs that outcome now. Who didn’t previously consider themselves qualified to buy, but could right now? 


Time to get excited, my friend. 

Cheers to all the doors you are about to build, and open for yourself. 



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