In Frankly Friday


Thankful is an emotion. It comes naturally when something good happens, or we have a sudden realization of our fortune compared to where we could be.

Thankfulness is achieved when we experience the highs and avoid the lows of life.

Gratitude is a practice and an attitude. It often does not come naturally, even to the richest, healthiest, people with beautiful families and loyal friends.

Gratitude is only achieved when you believe  there is good in exactly where you are.

Thankfulness fades after the euphoric event.

Gratitude flows to every area of your life every morning that you choose it.

Seek thankfulness for all of the things you acknowledge you’ve been given this week. It’s a wonderful feeling.

But also seek gratitude even on the weeks you feel like you’ve been taken from. Because that is a wonderful life.

One is a celebration.

The other is a choice.

And the choice is yours.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends 🦃


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