Gratitude vs. Thankfulness

  Thankful is an emotion. It comes naturally when something good happens, or we have a sudden realization of our fortune compared to where we could be. Thankfulness is achieved when we [...]

Drive Around the Block

You’ve been on fire since 7 am. Taking calls. Solving problems. Making things happen. Crossing off lists, gulping coffee, and getting the job done. You are very good at what you do. But it’s a [...]

Wright Place. Wright Time. Wright People.

Milton Wright was an Indiana frontier man. Though his days were dominated by the tumultuous tasks of farm life in the 1800s, he read every book he could get his hands on. With his father’s core [...]

But When Are You At Your Best?

You have more than you’ve ever had before. But when are you at your best? You’re traveling to exciting new places, and meeting interesting people. But when are you at your best? You have freedom [...]