In Frankly Friday

You’ve been on fire since 7 am.

Taking calls. Solving problems. Making things happen.

Crossing off lists, gulping coffee, and getting the job done.

You are very good at what you do.

But it’s a quarter past six now, and you know it’s time that you head home.

You squeeze in one more phone call on your drive there.

You pull into the driveway, finally hang up the phone, shut the car door, walk inside…

...And blow past the most important and sacred moment of the past 24 hours.


Since 7 am they have also been on fire… for you.

Wondering about you and what you must be doing.

Thinking about all the things they can’t wait to tell you.

Longing for your reaction to the world they conquered without you.

And it’s not that you don’t want to give them your best…

You probably just forgot to save some.

Let me ask you:

  1. How do you want to show up for your family?
  2. Tired of the day, desperate to rest?
  3. Or thankful for the evening, where you finally get to be your best?

Drive around the block, my friend.

Separate your two worlds.

Stoke the flames without a phone, or friend in your ear.

Think about the look you would like them to see on your face.

Think about the words you would like them to first hear when you walk into the room.

Think about the stories they will tell you, if you only ask.

Think about how patient they’ve been and genuinely happy they are for you to finally be home.

Meet them with that energy.

Because the only one who deserves it as much as them… is you.



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