In Frankly Friday

In life, you will encounter three types of people:

People who love you no matter what
People who hate you no matter what
People who are undecided
Our culture rewards people who are confident, self-assured, and have a “winner” mentality.

And with that, it’s fashionable to say,

“Screw the haters.”

“You’re either for me or against me.”

“I can’t wait to slam this back in your face.”

Those words will jolt you with energy.

Those words will hide your insecurity for a moment.

But those words, my friend, will never actually change anything.

If you wish to move mountains during your short stay on this planet, what you need instead is a catalyst for change.

A chemically reactive ingredient.

An incendiary charge.

A shock-the-hell-out-of-them disruption.

It’s name is love.

And in the presence of hate, it becomes explosive.

It re-wires the energy equation.

It demands a different outcome.

It demands that something bigger than both of you, wins.

Love the haters.

New paths will emerge.

A whole new level of confidence will consume you.

And people you never thought cared will show up to help you in your mission.

This is what real winners are made of.

This is what you are made of.

And I’m certain it’s the most fashionable thing of all.



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