The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth will set you free. And the truth is that you are not too late… You are not too old… You are not too poor… You are not too inexperienced… You are not too far removed… You are not too out [...]

Your Big Dream Blueprint

“He’s living the big dream!” I heard crackle through the headset. He could see the smile on my face 1,000 ft below. I had scored my first cross-country helicopter flight, and with that, a giant [...]

At the End of a Life

From the moment you open your eyes each morning until the moment they close again, you tell yourself stories. Those stories direct your thoughts and actions for the day. The stories and actions [...]

You and Your North Star

A missed opportunity. An unexpected bonus. A rude family member. A reunion with an old friend. A rock star team member decides to leave. A stack of money flashed in front of your face. [...]

_ _ _ _ the haters.

In life, you will encounter three types of people: People who love you no matter what People who hate you no matter what People who are undecided Our culture rewards people who are confident, [...]