In Frankly Friday

A missed opportunity.
An unexpected bonus.
A rude family member.
A reunion with an old friend.
A rock star team member decides to leave.
A stack of money flashed in front of your face.

Circumstances are the winds and waves on the ocean of life.

Sometimes they’re at your back.
Many times they’re roaring in your face. 

They can bounce you around.
They can bob you up and down.

But they can only stop you if you take your eyes off of your North Star. 

You do have a North Star, don’t you?

A guiding light?
A non-negotiable standard?
A mission?
A destination worthy of struggle?
A mountain you’re willing to die on?


That North Star is the only thing that will save you.

Surfers get high on a wave of luck and lose all direction. 

Drifters float every which way without a care.

Drowners sink in their doubt with even the slightest mention of bad news. 

None of these people get where they’re trying to go because they are victims of the forces that act on them.

But you aren’t a surfer, drifter, or a drowner.
You are not a victim.

You are a navigator.

Navigators plan for the best and adjust for the worst.

Navigators know that “off course” is a stepping stone, never a state of mind.

Navigators get kicked in the teeth, get right back up and say,

“Is everyone alive?”

“Good. Now turn that rudder back to the star.”

Back to the star, my friend. 

Your course and the shortest path to your destination lies beneath that star. 

Beautiful things await you there.

Never mind the distractions along the way.

Onward, ho.



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