In Frankly Friday

Your mind was an open field. So was your business, your marriage, your household, your body… your everything really… was once an open field.

When you started out your fields were full of rich soil, open to anything that wanted to take life there. You’ve worked to fill them with good things… seeds you planted and nourished have come alive and they’re producing fruit in your life.

But over time, other random seedlings blew across the plains, floated down, and also took up ground. Maybe you were too busy tending to other crops. Or maybe because you’re an easy-going person, you looked the other way.

Now those seedlings have become real plants… with roots… sucking up nutrients and dropping poisonous fruit into your yield.

Now all of a sudden you have something on your hands that you never intended to have to manage. You can’t look the other way. This is your field. These are your crops. And they’re suffocating.

It wasn’t because of anything you did on purpose.

It was because of what you didn’t do on purpose.

By tolerating the things that don’t belong, you encouraged the things that don’t belong to keep living. And they’ve grown.

If we want to be successful leaders, spouses, parents… humans…

We must first do what successful farmers do: terminate the plants that don’t belong.

That bad habit.
That unproductive conversation.
That toxic friend group.
That hateful customer.
That negative media.
That unnecessary debt.
That __________…….

You know it doesn’t belong in your field.

So kill it.

Kill it now.

Before it gets any harder.

You will be amazed at how beautiful your other fruit begins to flourish.



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