In Frankly Friday

Pay at the pump is broken so you go inside to pay the clerk for your gas.

An old friend shows up in your news feed to share a life update.

An elderly gentleman slows your line at the grocery store to count his money.

Your five-year-old is having her third meltdown of the day.

A co-worker shares a dream to do something different.

You’ll probably forget these interactions and go about your day waiting for the next important thing to happen.

But what if these are the important things?

What if they are opportunities?

Never forget that you hold the power, in just seconds, to set off a chain reaction of good.

An authentic smile, an encouraging word, or taking an extra moment to listen can change a person’s entire outlook.

And when someone’s outlook changes, their actions change.

And what if you were just the inspiration they needed to be at their best?

You can choose to believe that God, or the universe put them there, or that it’s just plain old serendipity. But regardless of how they showed up in your life, you have two options when it comes to the people on your path:

1. Leave them as you found them.


2. Leave them better than you found them


Which do you choose?



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