In Frankly Friday

A lion does not fear fighting. It was made to conquer all other beasts.

A bird does not fear falling. It was made to fly.

A fish does not fear drowning. It was made to swim.

Their entire DNA and design enforces these superpowers. And there is nothing inside the animal kingdom that could make them any different.

Creatures in nature don’t fear what they were made to do.

But today I want to ask you about you and your nature.

You also should not fear ________. Because you were made to _______.

You know the two words that fit in those blanks. Don’t you?

You’ve been hiding the first part from just about everyone. But the second part, the entire world has always known.

They would laugh at you if you tried to convince them any differently. Just like we’d laugh at a cowardly lion, bird, or fish.

That second blank is your superpower. 

It’s the thing your nature requires you to do.

And when the world sees you, they see that thing effortlessly beaming from your existence, because it is your DNA and your design; it’s your superpower.

So why are you so afraid?

Stop fighting. Stop falling. Stop drowning.

Go do what you were made to do.




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