In Frankly Friday

Blind spots usually don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late. That’s why it’s a really good idea to check for them often.

You cannot see your own blind spots (hence their name).

It takes the mirror of a different perspective than your own to point them out.

But it’s your responsibility to check and believe what that mirror is telling you.

I’ve watched great men stumble because they let the things that could get them, get them.

It was never one destructive or selfish choice.

It was never a sociopathic disregard of the people they were hurting.

It was a series of tiny compromises that normalized the stepping stones toward danger. No single move ever seemed like a “big deal,” until they ended up too far down the wrong path.

As soon as danger feels normal, you’re just a tip-toe away from a trap.

Two questions:

  1. What do you cherish the most?
  2. What are you actively doing to protect it?

Two suggestions:

  1. Install 2-3 trusted mirrors (people) in your life who will always point out the things that can get you.
  2. Trust them when they tell you you’re about to crash.

Everything you’ve built – your character, your marriage, your money, your mind, body, and soul – can be taken like candy from a baby, but only if you are ignorant.

Put up walls.
Check your mirrors.

Because “your greatest weakness is always an unguarded strength.”



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