In Frankly Friday

50 Days Ago

You made big promises.

Ordered salad.

Put down a vice.

Wrote in your journal.

Read a book.

You walked back into work with a different spring in your step.

You shared your goal with everyone.

You created an energy of change inside yourself.

50 days ago, it was January 1st.

So, how’s it going?

We’ve all heard the worn out statistic that, “80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of January.”

But there’s another fact that I think is more worthy of acknowledging:

2 out of 3 people reach at least *some* level of success with their resolutions.

While you ponder on that, there’s something I’d like to share:

1. I was two years late in achieving my goal of becoming an airplane pilot. And 5 years behind my goal of becoming a helicopter pilot.

2. I missed my goal of becoming a best-selling author by exactly one year. But I set that goal 5 different times before I actually hit it 😳.

3. I missed financial goals in my company for 5 out of 10 of the last ten years.

4. I started and stopped my podcast 7 times years before I found my pace.

5. I am not currently pacing to hit the body fat % I established a month ago.


I am always better than where I started.

I am always better for having started.

And so are you.

If there is one thing I have learned about conquering big things it is this:

**Small moves are far more powerful than big ones.**
Small moves, daily, will do more for you than winning the lottery, owning a Time Machine, or being born with the genetics of a supermodel.

AND, You are the only one who can decide to:

Keep showing up.

Keep looking up.

Keep getting up.

Resolutions be damned; You are better.

And you will keep getting better.

Won’t you?



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