Small Moves > Big Moves

50 Days Ago You made big promises. Ordered salad. Put down a vice. Wrote in your journal. Read a book. You walked back into work with a different spring in your step. You shared your goal with [...]

Giving Is the Only Way

  “How to keep employees” It’s a phrase that was searched 1,900% more often in November 2023 versus November 2013. But you’re not surprised, are you? Neither am I. My conference room has [...]

You Are What You Don’t Let Go Of

The need to be liked The belief that something bad is about to happen The expectation for everything to be perfect and ideal The determination of being “right” The anger of being hurt by someone [...]

You and Your Mirrors

In life you encounter many mirrors.  Mirrors are people and things that give you glimpse of yourself; the parts you like and the parts you don’t.  Mirrors can come in many forms: Cameras that [...]