In Frankly Friday

Jimi was too poor to afford a guitar designed for left-handed players. But that wasn’t enough to hold back the music rioting in his soul, begging for a way out into our world. So he grabbed the only right-hand model he could afford, turned it upside down and strung it into musical history.

Like many heroes of innovation, Hendrix may not have exploded without the pressure of limitation.

The Beatles recorded masterpieces using only a four-track tape recorder.

Henry Ford was stuck on a farm but got himself started in mechanics by taking apart his grandpa’s pocket watch.

Steve Jobs turned in coke bottles to get money so he could tinker with electronics.

Limitation is a catalyst for a passion explosion. And below every pinnacle is a mountain someone had to climb to reach it.

This is why 2nd generations rarely innovate past their forefathers and why silver-spooned kids are the hardest partiers on campus. “No pain, no gain,” as they say.

Something magic happens when the world is telling you “you can’t.” Everyone who has climbed a mountain knows this to be true.

If you’re being surrounded by doubters, impossible circumstances and limited resources, embrace these challenges; they will drive you to do greater things than you ever would have on your own.

If you haven’t been lucky to have life push you in the deep end, consider throwing yourself in.

Jimmy, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Henry and Steve will be cheering you on.

So will I.



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