In Frankly Friday

She is the one who has never left your side.

She is the one who has carried your burdens on her back just as if they were hers.

She makes time for your problems, even when you can’t for hers.

She’s never encouraged you to get caught up in things that are not good for you.

She’s been a steady reminder of what you actually want.

She sees the very best in you, the person you want to be, even when you don’t see him yourself.

She’s been patiently waiting for you to come back to the surface and enjoy the version of you that you already are; the awesome person she’s always believed you to be.

What ever you are chasing will never compare to what she’s already given you.

Is it time you stop and celebrate that?

Is it time you stop and thank her?

Is it time you stop running so hard after silly things?

It’s OK. She won’t blame you for taking this long.

She will be only be overjoyed that the time has come.

Her heart just longs for you to realize that, as long as you are doing life together, life is good.

Isn’t it time?

Text her.
Call her.
Show up early.
Hug her.

Your work and your worries will never be this important.

What are you waiting for man?


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