Moss Balls and Truth Bombs

“Nobody wants to work anymore.” If those words haven’t come out of your mouth this week, I’ll bet you have at least heard them said. It’s true— the workplace isn’t what it used to be. And to [...]

Rejection is Your Insight

Rejection is Your Insight  You had the best of intentions and still ended up with haters. You got fired, dumped, abandoned by people you were only trying your best for. Your idea got picked [...]

$100,000 Lesson from a Dropout

People often label me as the “anti-college” guy. It’s true, I didn’t stay there long because I didn’t see how it would help me to get where I personally wanted to go. But I’m going to tell you [...]

Letter to Distracted Husbands

She is the one who has never left your side. She is the one who has carried your burdens on her back just as if they were hers. She makes time for your problems, even when you can’t for hers. [...]