You Attract What You Are

You attract what you are. Specifically, you attract what people think you are. If you want to be noticed, give others more attention. If you want to be at peace, let go of your grudges and be [...]

The Permission To Persuade

“Do you need me to listen, or do you want help solving a problem?” I’m convinced this question would save a lot of marriages. Why? Because the void for emotional validation far outweighs the need [...]

If Your Employees are Wasting Your Time

“People just don’t want to work anymore!” “They’re all leaving for $1 raise…” “I’d be growing like crazy if I could just hire more.” This [...]

The Cheapest Kind of Marketing

“The cheapest thing you can give somebody is a smile.” If I heard it once, I heard it thousand times growing up. In the fewest of words, my dad would remind us of our potential, make us laugh, [...]