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I have been a copywriter for as long as I’ve been Valerie’s boyfriend. Thirteen years ago this week, I became a professional in both fields by putting the ring on her finger and getting my first paid gig in advertising.

Looking back on my career as a husband and an ad guy, I can’t help but see the parallels between strong marriage and successful marketing. 

I’ve concluded that whether you’re trying to win with your partner or a prospect, these 13 principles will never fail you.

  1. You can’t fall out of love; You can only fall out of effort. Strong relationships and loyal customers are the results of daily input. Never stop giving value.
  2. Help before you are asked. Thoughtful actions are more delightful than any words or gifts or promotions you could possibly offer. And when you anticipate the need before they speak up, you become bigger than a product, you become a partner.
  3. Meet them where they are. When you aren’t hitting the mark, spend as much time as it takes to see the world from their point of view. Empathy is the foundation of harmony!
  4. Shared values are more important than anything. When you believe in something bigger together, you become more than two people transacting; you become a team on a mission.
  5. Quality time is irreplaceable. The more meaningful time you get with your person or your prospect, the stronger your bond.
  6. Two ears, one mouth: The more time you spend listening, the stronger your words will be.
  7. Help them conquer their needs, pains, hopes, and fears: The more you do this, the stronger the trust. The stronger the trust, the stronger the loyalty.
  8. Ask clearly: Beating around the bush, aka passive aggression, never works out. Be clear and concise with your requests and calls to action.
  9. The desire for instant gratification will kill you: Doing something and expecting an immediate return is a cheap way to live.
  10. False claims will kill you: Never try to be someone you are not. Who you are is good enough, and the right person will value that 100%.
  11. Make her laugh: Funny guys are just better than serious guys. And funny ads are better than serious ads!
  12. Surprise is the foundation of delight: Do something nice and unexpected often.
  13. Never stop courting: The day you stop chasing each other is the day attraction begins to dwindle. Pursue them often and forever.

Marriage is magic for as long as you keep making magic.

Advertising is just the same.

You aren’t done until you decide to be done my friend. 

Go pursue, and be the person worth pursuing.





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