In Frankly Friday

You are today exactly where your decisions have taken you.

Regardless of what has happened, you decided what to do, or what not to do next.

Regardless of the doors that have opened, you decided to walk through them, stay put, or go knock on different ones.

Regardless of the people who have hurt you, you decided to let the outcome fuel you, drain you, or make you complacent.

This week marked the halfway point of our year.

I only have one question for you today:

Are your decisions serving you?

Feelings are a natural and automatic product of circumstances.

But decisions are an unnatural, manual product of discipline.

Feelings are powerful, but they are easily trumped by one force:


Decisions produce action.

Actions produce results.

And the most beautiful thing about this day, and the remaining 177 days ahead of us is that it’s all up to you (and me).

I believe that no matter what you have or haven’t accomplished, you are not done.

I believe that a wild, purpose-filled life is only a few decisions away.

I believe that this past season has prepared you for greatness.

I believe there are big things in store.

And I believe in you.

Do you?


Happy 6-months my friend. Let’s finish strong.



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