In Frankly Friday


Today is the day you will meet a group of people you will know the rest of your life:

Your best friend.
Your partner in crime.
Your arch enemy.
The several who won’t understand you.
The rare few who will know you better than anyone.
The teacher who will change your life.
Maybe even your future spouse.

You will meet most, or all of these people today. This is the place that will be the playground for recess, but also for how you’ll learn how to handle problems, people, and how you feel about life.

You’re going to do awesome, but as your dad, I have a few pieces of advice you might find handy in the days and years ahead:

1. Be kind to every person you meet. This will open more doors for you than any grade, sport, or school ever could.

2. Listen more than you talk, even when you’re sure you have all the answers.

3. Never let the classroom, the test, your friends, your enemies, or even a girl put a stop to your curiosity. Your sense of wonder will be a major part of your happiness, so don’t lose it!

I’m extremely proud of you and I can’t wait to watch all that you’re about to learn.



P.S. – Make sure you tell your mom how much you missed her when you get home, and take a little extra time to tell her all about your day (she really really likes that).

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