In Frankly Friday

5,000 feet above the horizon, immersed in a panoramic landscape of the Pacific Ocean and the Hawaiian jungle, there I stood with the love of my life taking it all in.

This particular peak of the Haleakalā mountains could only be reached by air, but this isn’t the kind of experience you can just buy; it’s too dangerous for the public. You have to know someone with a helicopter that can take you there, and is willing to land on a platform the size of a pickup truck.

6 years before, I’d lay awake every night wondering how I would ever get this girl to date me. She was 10 times out of my league. It was crazy to think she’d ever be my girlfriend. But I didn’t let that stop me.

Two days before I had been staring up at the sky, as usual, watching at all the helicopters. I knew I couldn’t afford a helicopter tour, but I really wanted to fly. It was crazy to think I’d get to on this trip, but I didn’t let that stop me.

On an off chance, I did some internet digging and found the office number a helicopter pilot I’d seen on a TV show. “Uh, hey, I think your show is really cool and uh… I was just wondering if I could maybe come visit your operation and maybe get a picture.”

“Umm, probably not. I’m pretty busy.”

“Ok, well I’m on my honeymoon for the next 5 days here. If you happen to get a free moment just shoot me text! I’ll come any time!”

(Awkward phone call ends.) Total dork moment, right?

Five minutes later the phone rings. It was the guy. “Be here at 6am tomorrow and I’ll show you around,” he said.

We got there early, the guy showed us around, then lead us over to one of his choppers. “Well, you wanna go for a flight?”

(Holy crap moment for me.) “Well, I’m not sure that’s in the budget. I really would like to next time we’re here though.”

“I didn’t ask if you had the money. Get in!”

Unbeknownst to us, he had planned a 2 hour private tour of the island, including the Haleakalā peak drop. He answered every one of my questions about becoming a pilot, and even flew us through a secret route to the bottom of an 1,800ft waterfall. There are no words to describe how cool that looks.

At the end of the flight he wouldn’t let us tip him or anything. He just said “Congratulations on your marriage. You seem eager to learn, and I’d have wanted someone to do that for me when I was your age.”

Do you realize how crazy all of this is?

Two of my wildest dreams, right there in front of me. I was crazy to think either of them would ever come true. But I didn’t let that stop me.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not about knowing the next step, it’s about taking it.
It’s not about knowingthe perfect time, it’s about not waiting.
It’s not about who is ahead of or behind you. It’s about your todaybeing a little farther along yesterday.

All of the guidance you really need will be given to you along the way by the most unexpected people and situations.

So make your first cold call.
Set your alarm and make your first visit to the gym since high school.
Say your first “no” to the snack, the drink, or the cigarette.
Read the first internet article about that thing you’ve always wanted to do.
Send her your first flower arrangement with a nice note.

You want to be on top of the world?

Start climbing.




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